Wednesday, February 25

This thread at Slugger O'Toole probably isn't as entertaining as I think it is, but I did laugh out loud at one or two of the comments, serious as the subject matter is.
"The EU is somehow, to the European elite, much more than its observable features, its bureaucratic rules and procedures. It is an idea which is somehow better and more important than anything which it actually is or does."

-- Lexington Green
It's sad that anyone has to defend the honour of black and white films as a category. Film history can't be written primarily as the history of film stocks (can it?). But if an argument in favour of black and white cinema has to be made, then it couldn't be made much better than it has been here.
Alexandra Mullen reconsiders Chopin (at The Hudson Review, linked to by Arts and Letters Daily).

Friday, February 13

Via Chicago Boyz, a useful Rhetoric Primer.