Thursday, April 7

Steve Bell comes good

I'm not a great fan of the Guardian and the politics of their cartoonist Steve Bell are repellent. I think it's lazy to make fun of the Conservative leader by comparing him to Dracula. Lastly, I suspect it was not Steve Bell's intention to cheer me up. But that said, I did smile at this.

Monday, April 4

Classical music on the iPod (2)

I wrote before about classical music on the iPod, drawing together as many useful links as I could find at the time. One of the best articles back then was written by Kirk McElhearn, who has now written a couple of new articles on the same subject. He does go over some old ground again, but it is good for another classical iPod user to discover that he is not alone. The first article deals with sound quality and the familiar problem of gaps between tracks. The second addresses how best to tag (or label) your music, so that you can actually find the stuff you want to listen to.